Micro Book Studio and Micro Edit Studio are available in auto extracting executables named like mbse203.exe, mbse2083.exe or mese1093.exe. Once these files are downloaded into your computer, click by mouse twice on them and follow displayed instructions to install them.

To make an upgrade from a previous version to a more recent one you may install new version in the same folder in which older version was installed. If you are installing only software, customized markers, bookmarks, libraries, color, font and margin configurations and other similar customized items are preserved during upgrade. If in a previous version you have customized some important item and now you feel unsure about preservation during upgrade, make a backup for previous version in another folder; following, install new version over old one. If you confirm files and customized items preservation, it is this that will almost surely will happen, delete older version backup.

Micro Book Studio and Micro Edit Studio installing are independent one from other. User may install both or any one from these two softwares. MBS 2.083, MBS 2.082, MBS 2.081, MBS 2.08, MBS 2.07, MBS 2.062 and last MBS 2.061 releases run perfectly well on all Windows versions, from Win 95 to Windows XP. MBS 2.03 since Nov. 12th 2003 release also run from Windows 95 to Windows XP. MES versions run well in Win 95 and 98 and may be runned also in Windows 2000 and Windows XP only with some very few minor and non important problems.

Once installed softwares, to learn how to use them do the following:
In Micro Book Studio:
  • Click in Menu Help + Help Files to open Help Files, or better, read the new MBS Minimum Tutorial that opens when Micro Book Studio is started.
In Micro Edit Studio:
  • Click in Menu Help + Help Index to open Help Files.
  • Click in Menu File + Wizard First Page to open Wizard Files.
You may uninstall manually any MBS and MES version; MBS 2.08x, MBS 2.08, MBS 2.07 and 2.06x versions may be also uninstalled by using the uninstall that comes together with him, as also last releases of MBS 2.03 and MES 1.091-1.093.

To uninstall manually MBS 2.03, MBS 2.062-2.083 or MES 1.093 you need only to delete folder in which they were installed and icon that was added to Windows desktop.

To uninstall MBS 2.07-2.083 or new releases of MBS 2.03 and MES 1.093 that come with an uninstall executable file, it is enough run uninstall file as any other executable file.

You may install more than a Micro Book Studio or Micro Edit Studio copy in your computer executing setup again and selecting a different folder address than that which is suggested by installing software when you have installed your first copy. Micro Edit Studio may have more than an installed copy in the same computer. An additional software copy may be interesting when there are several building library works being simultaneously developed. Additional Micro Edit Studio copy(ies) may be uninstalled independently from any previously installed copy.

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